Sunday, December 1, 2013

matchbox ornaments

Today we  talking matchboxes.  I love these adorable little ornaments made for a dual purpose of gift box and ornament. They are fun to decorate and can be very addictive. 

Since I make several different kinds of matchboxes, I will make today's about fabric and jewelry covered matchbox ornaments. 

First, you need to take them apart and open the covers.  Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the cover.  Apply Mod Podge to cover then press the fabric down onto the glue. Lay under something heavy to insure a good bond of paper and fabric. Let dry completely. 

Fold fabric covered paper on crease lines, and hot glue back together. Make sure you are gluing the seam so it faces back toward the back. 

Cut a strip of complimentary fabric, lace or tulle and make a running stitch down the side. Pull it together to make a circle, embellish with a piece of jewelry, and glue to the top.  I like to use old lace and silk scraps to tie bows and other embellishments.

I buy a bunch of ornaments like this and pop the tops off to use for the hangers. These are handy for many different types of ornaments you can make.  Keep an eye out for these at the dollar store.

You can paint the insides of the boxes to match your fabric if you plan on placing something inside.  Another option is to wrap a trim around it completely if you don't plan on opening it. 

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Carol Banks said...

I just love these! So sweet! I shared on Pinterest! :)