Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tinsel wrapped heart

I had a bunch of this spring tinsel that looks like a mini slinky.  I stretched it out and wrapped it randomly all over this heart and glued on my standard glitter tulle and vintage earring focal. 

They are simple to do and look so pretty. If you don't have a heart ornament, You could create a heart or star out of heavy wire like a coat hanger.  You can use a sparkly thread instead of tinsel if you aren't able to find it.

Remember to enter the drawing for 12 of these ornaments by sharing the page on any social networking site and leaving a comment on this or any if the ornament posts,  all people who post a comment will be entered to win. 

Thanks for looking, and have a beautiful Christmas filled with the love of family and friends.

Many blessings

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