Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cone ornaments

I love cones.  I have a trick for you that you will love!

These cones were made with paper birthday party hats I bought at the dollar store. 

Deconstruct them, use Mod Podge to cover them with gift wrap, tissue, sheet music or patterned paper.  Mod Podge works best with paper because it doesn't cause the paper to wrinkle.  

Sometimes I trim the cones to make them smaller or slimmer.  The actual size of the party hat is great if you want to fill it with treats.

Make a focal to glue on the front. This one was a dollar store snowflake covered with German glass glitter. A strip of crepe paper folded and gathered with a running stitch into a circle with a double ruffle. A Christmas image cut into a circle and glued on with hot glue. 

Crepe paper ruffles glued to the top edge inside, and a double band of vintage tinsel around the top edge. Finish off with a purchased tassel on the bottom, poked through with an awl, and embellished with more tinsel at the end.

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