Monday, March 9, 2009

Soul Collage

Pascual and I went to a Soul Collage workshop on Valentines day, and he was such a great sport... Helping me make collages and visiting with all the ladies. He did some really cool ones himself. You can learn about Soul Collage here. It is a process of making your own personal power or divination cards, to help you look at issues in your life. It is a very personal and spiritual process. I want to start doing them with the kids in Juvenile Hall. These are the first two cards I made on Valentines Day.

When you are done making them , you go around the room and everyone reads their own card in what is like a channeled space. Another person scribes what you say and reads it back to you. I found this lady Sandy the facilitator on and she is wonderful. If you live in the Bay Area, I would recommend a trip to her workshop to make some cards, it was a wonderful experience. I took my mom on Saturday and we both had such a great time...

I liked the fountain image, but when I turned it upside down, it looked exactly like the image I picture when I meditate, of what source energy looks like pouring down over me. I found the planet images to represent universal energy, and this is what came out... "I am the one who is the universal source of energy. I am the one who brings all the posibilities of the universe into being. I draw from many existances throughout the universe. I am all that is."

I loved the pregnant belly image, and I love clocks, I collect a lot of clock imagery. I had chosen the background of a firey star galaxy photo because I loved the colors. I put them together, and then went looking for a earth photo and found this one was perfect. I made the card in less that 5 minutes, the energy and creation if it just flowed. This is what I channeled: "I am the one who creates a new time in the world. I am pregnant with the possibilities of a new way of BEING on this planet. It is time to nurture and give birth to new ideas, taking the time to love ad grow while treating the planet with reverence and respect. My time is NOW. "

These cards I made on my second workshop day with my mother. Mom LOVED it, and had a lot of great information to share with everyone. Of course, she ROCKED at the channeling... but then she is a pro...

"I am the one who is drowning under the weight of unnecessary burdens. I add to these burdens by continually taking on more. The universe sends me tasks and challenges in small manageable pieces, and yet I let them overwhelm me. I need to be like the ice cube, and learn to float on top of the emotions, to stop fighting the current and let my life flow."

"I am the one who takes time to nurture herself. I am the one who moves effortlessly in a pain free body. I am grounded and centered when I make time for myself."

I have been trying to get the boys in my class to see beyond the images they are selecting... to find something different in the images that could make them something else entirely. I showed them these collages, and they were inspired. The light bulbs were popping on all over the room, and now I think they are getting it on a whole new level.

I love this medium... Any other Soul Collagers out there?