Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dollar tree snowflakes

I love snowflakes on my tree. They add a great balance and visual interest to the tree.  I was looking at these dollar store snowflakes the other day.  Since they come in various sizes, they are perfect for stacking and layering.

Start with the largest one first, put a dot of glue or glue gun the center and layer the next smaller size. Continue alternating the clear and white ones until you have 4 stacked up.  On the center, I had some giant bead caps I flattened, and then glued a cool button in the middle.  You don't have to put anything in the middle.  You could put a photo of your child or pet for a gift to a family member.  So lovely and I was able to make 12 for $8.  Ya can't beat that for a beautiful and cheap gift. They would look lovely on a package instead of a bow.  Tie it on with iridescent tulle for an elegant package. 

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Vicki said...

I was just looking at the snowflakes at the DT. I do love all your ornaments that you have been posting.