Thursday, December 5, 2013

Formica tile ornaments

I have a bunch of these I got from the dumpster diva. These are so versatile for ornament bases.   I will be doing other ornaments with them over the next weeks, but today is scrap day.

I got these fabric scraps at SCRAP in San Francisco a while back. I glued strips in complimentary colors to the Formica base.  I got these mat board cut outs from a friend and glued an image on it with Mod Podge.  Glue a tinsel like trim around the edge of the mat board oval or image, and glue to center. 

Measure around the edge af the Formica tile, multiply by 2 1/2 to get the length measurement.  Cut a strip of tulle 3 inches wide and the pre determined length, fold in half and gather with a running stitch.  Gather up and hot glue tulle ruffle around back edge of tile. Cit a 4 inch length of ribbon, make a loop and  glue to top back centered. Cut coordinating fabric or paper and cover back. 

Embellish edge with decorative trim and place flowers, bows and other embellishments to edge of image to finish off.

Enter to win 12 of these ornaments featured in the Ornament a Day giveaway.  Simply share this or any of the ornament posts on line somewhere and post a link to your share here in the comments.  Enter as many times as you want to increase your chances.  Winner will be announced on December 26th.

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