Monday, August 2, 2010

Healing Journal Day 1 (how to make it)

I took this Dollar Store journal filled with brown paper, and flipped it over so the pattern on the cover wouldn't show through the semi transparent fabric. 

Then I deconstructed my daughters t-shirt so I had a front, back and sleeves.

I put a generous coat of heavy gel medium on the cover, pressed the fabric on to the book board, then flipped it over. 
Using more gel medium around the edges, I folded the extra around the edge, being careful to make sure the corners stayed really flat. I then took one of the book pages from the book, lined it up with the holes and covered it with gel medium, sticking it down over the inside of the cover.  This gives you a very nice custom finished look. 

Here is my finished journal, ready to be hole punched through the fabric in the existing holes, and tied with some cool fibres I have... This project is very easy, and the cool part is, if you mess it up, pull it off and do it again.  This one took me 10 minutes start to finish including taking the photos.  You can use old book boards if you want, just be sure to cut a strip 1/2 inch thick and the same length as the book board before covering with fabric.  This will allow you to open the book without damaging pages or the cover.