Sunday, December 22, 2013

Snowflake options

I have always loved snowflakes. I think the ornament snowflakes tend to be plain in the middle and beg for some type of ornamentation. I am planning a blue tree next year, so I made this blue snowflake by using the selvedge edge of the fabric because it has such a cool metallic fringe look to it.  I made a circle by taking a strip, making a running stitch and gathering it in the middle.  Then make another circle with silver tulle or lace, glue  them together and top with a vintage earring. 

This little cutie is a fan folded sheet music circle with a gathered crepe paper ribbon topped with a velvet ribbon over the stitches.  Glue the image down on the streamer, add a mini banner with a holiday message.  This snowflake was made by Cindy Wood. 

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