Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The AMAZING Art of Greg Brumfield

You know what a reuse and repurposing nut I am... I was in Starbucks about 2 months ago and saw this really COOL art made with cups and straws and cup sleeves from Starbucks. I asked who the artist was, and wanted to talk to him. He called me back a few days later, and we chatted for quite a while about his art and creature building. Let me tell you, his pieces in Starbucks are NOTHING compared to what he entered at the Marin County Fair. He entered 8 pieces and all 8 of them won awards. A true renaissance man, who has a visionary gift to turn garbage into amazingly intricate art. The things he does with a glue gun will fascinate you. Making ships rigging and chain links from hot glue. Balls and braids and sculpting faces and people also entirely out of hot glue. His work is on display at the Pittsburg Civic Center for the Month of August. In September, the exhibit will move downtown for the Annual Seafood Festival. If you are anywhere near the Bay Area and want to see a truly incredible show, check out Coffee Break at the City of Pittsburg Civic Center! Don't forget to go upstairs to the third floor to see the other pieces.

Pittsburg Community Art

I went to the Pittsburg Civic Center and got caught up in appreciating the beautiful floors and tapestries in the building... Blue Lapis and another type of blue and gray stone with irridescent veins flowing through it. These pictures don't do it justice. They have these amazing fabric collages hanging on the walls that are called tapestries, but they are not woven... they are pieced together with different textiles. Some of the photos didn't turn out too well... I will try to shoot them another time in better lighting.