Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Back on the chain gang

Hello!  Happy Spring.  As you can see I have been very busy creating bead chain for my jewelry designs.  I find I like chaining while watching TV at night.  I get all of the eye pins together, with the beads and my pliers on a tray and crank away.  I have also been litsening to audio books while working.  It makes the time go faster, and I'm able to read my favorite books while working.  A more efficient use of time.  I still love reading, but this way is more productive, and I am multi-tasking!

  Here is the new issue of Bead Style magazine.  My necklace is featured on pages 68 and 69.  I really love this necklace.  Just got it back with my copies of the magazine.  It looks great in the photo, and the step by step instructions are great.  

I will be posting new pieces in the shop abet the next few weeks.  Things are very busy in the upcoming months with trunk shows, street faires.  Watch Facebook and  Instagram for updates.