Saturday, December 1, 2012

Simple Advent Calender

This holiday is a tight one for many people.  I am kicking off the 25 days to Christmas with ideas for creative gift ideas that won't break the budget.  Most of these crafts can be made for under $5.  My goal is to give you some ideas for cute gifts, home decor and fun craft times with the kids in your life. 

I used to make these when my kids were small.  They loved taking turns on who got the candy, and I always got the last one, because it was an uneven number.  Lets start off the 25 days till Christmas by making an advent calender for the kids in your life.

 I made a tree with a green wool sweater I bought from the thrift store for $1.

Cut pockets from the left over fabric and hot glue to the tree shape.

  I bought felt at Michaels for .39 cents to make the packages.  Decorate them with tulle and christmas tinsel and garland scraps you have lying around the house.  You can be as elaborate as you like with the package decor.  Glue them to each pocket and fill with a fun sized candy bar. 

Viola!  I now have a simple easy advent calender... and it only cost me $1.39

Here is a site I found on Pinterest with a bunch of advent calender ideas.  Please post a link to a photo of one you have made or seen on line and would like to share. 

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