Friday, December 21, 2012

Beautiful Packaging

I love to make beautiful packages when I wrap.  Many times over the years, we wrapped with paper and wrote the kids name on the package with a sharpie, or an even bigger shortcut, the kids initial on each package.  When they are little, they don't truly appreciate the packaging.  But as my kids are growing older, they love the ceremony of unwrapping a gift.  Appreciating the packaging, and admiring my craftiness.  No bags or tissue in our house.  It must be wrapped in a box with paper and a stick on bow at least.  Where is the fun in pulling something out of a bag.  I think if you are going to go through the effort to give a gift to someone special, take the time to make the packaging pretty.  Bows cost a lot, even at the dollar store.  I have learned how to make many lovely bows and package adornments over the years for pennies.  Crepe paper and tulle are two of my go to favorites.  Along with cheap ornaments I pick up at thrift stores and glitter up over the year and set aside for packaging.  In my dream house, I would have 2 gift wrap rooms... One for Christmas, and another for everything else...

Photo number one is a keepsake box.  Decopage a cigar box with old sheet music.  Fan fold strips of music paper, cut a point on the fan fold, glue ends together to form a circle shape.  Glitter tips of circle.  Hand cut flowers, layer and then scrunch them up for a dimensional look.  Add a pearl button to the center of the flower and tie the whole thing on with glitter tulle and sheer ribbon.

White paper packages look so elegant tied with glitter tulle , and embellished with a tulle and glittered star ornament featured earlier this month.   Cut strips of tulle and wrap around package.  Save ends and run thru the string of the ornament, allowing ornament to dangle.  Pick up any star, snowflake or instrument ornament and glitter it up.  It makes a nice package ornament, and a keepsake for the recipient.

Wired tinsel garland bow.  Form 3 loops.  Make rose or gathered flower out of crepe paper streamer.  Glue to center of garland loops with hot glue gun.  Wrap crepe paper around package and then garland on top of crepe paper.  Wire bow to garland wrap for secure placement of bow.

This is a great package to do when you don't have any gift wrap.  Most people have waxed paper or aluminum foil in their kitchen.  Wrap box in foil or wax paper.  Make sure the box is white or a solid color if your are using wax paper.  Gather crepe paper with sewing machine or needle and thread.  Form flat circular cocorde with patterened crepe paper as pictured.  Make rosette by rolling pink gathered crepe paper into a circle, securing occasionally with hot glue.  Fluff the rosette and glue it to the cocorde. Wrap package a few times with another gathered streamer piece then glue rosette bow to package.

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Vicki said...

I'm the gift bag gal. I used to wrap fancy packages but now its the bag.