Thursday, December 6, 2012

Easy Apron

Have you ever seen  a childs dress in a thrift store that you just LOVED but it was too small, or you just loved the fabric and wished they made it in your size?  ? Ever thought of buying it and making it into an apron instead?

First cut down the back seam.

Next cut the bodice off.  Make sure to leave the top of the waistband above the tie so you can turn it under.  Extend the tie across the sides, stitch the waistband (the turned under part where you cut the bodice off)  to the tie band

This apron would look adorable over a black or white full skirted dress on a little girl.  It is a lovely holiday apron for an adult.  When I shop for used clothes, I look at the fabrics.  Is it an unusual pattern or vintage print I can use for something else?  Take a second look at things.  You can make a lot of things out of old skirts, baby dresses, little girl dresses, prom dresses etc.  This dress was a 6x/  Childrens dresses have a lot of fabric and can be versitile.  A chiffon skirt could be a dresser scarf or table runner.  A lace skirt could be a lanpshade. 

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