Saturday, December 22, 2012

Apologies and explanations

My apologies for not posting today's post on the right day.  I has composed it early in the morning and selected draft instead.  I type many of my posts ahead of time, and add the photos later.  I find when I schedule them to post, sometimes I forget to come add the photos and it gets posted incomplete.  Thanks for bearing with me as I get into the groove of posting daily.  It is a much bigger endeavor than I had anticipated.  We moved the 6th of December, then flew to Wisconsin for a week to attend my hubbys company Christmas party and him to attend training at the home office, then back home to unpack and find all the Christmas and baking things among all the boxes.  Needless to say, It has been challenging trying to do a post a day, even with them pre typed, many of the things I post are made the day before posting and I didn't have all the photographs ready because everything is packed.  I won't even start on the camera difficulties I face on a daily basis... I will just apologize for the crummy photos... again... and hope Santa brings me a camera for Christmas.

But even with the hectic move added to the holiday season, we are so happy to be in a home again.  I will be doing many room makeover and garden posts in the coming months as we slowly make this place our own.

Thanks so much for visiting.

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