Friday, December 7, 2012

Box Locket Pendant

These little keepsake pandants are super easy to make, and look vintage and trendy.  I got these plain metal boxes from Nancy at Gilding the Lily.  I soaked them in the Jax brown darkener, buffed them up, glued a pendant bail on the back with E6000,

I finished it off with a vintage earring.  Glue the earring to the front with E6000.  They open like a book and make a great keepsake pendant or ornament with a special photo inside.

If you want to try an alternative to the little boxes, (you CAN get them from Nancy at her on line store) you can do the same thing with a mini altoids tin or any little tin.  I have used vintage aspirin tins too..  Torch it over a gas flame or on the BBQ until blackened.  Drill a hole at the top back side, make a wire loop to hold a chain.  Then embellish the front as desired.  These are addicting to make.  Make some beaded chains to show off your piece and give it a more dressed up look.

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