Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tree Skirt

I am decking the halls in non traditional colors this year.  Pink, pale green and silver.  Today we are starting with a tree skirt.  I made this from a ladies skirt I found at the Thrift Store...  Super easy and so cute!  When shopping for a skirt, look for one that is really full  It needs to make a circle when finished.

Remove the zipper and open that entire seam.  Remove the waistband.  Finish off the opening seam.   You can stitch it down flat if you want a finished look.  Or use iron on hemming tape to finish the ends.  Then turn the skirt over so the underside is up.  Mark panels, and take little darts all around the panel seams until the skirt lies completely flat.

I chose to sew all the seams closed.  I place the skirt over the stand and then assemble the tree afterward.  So I just need the hole for the tree trunk. You can use ties or Velcro to close the finished seam.  Or leave it open and just wrap and tuck.  It is all your own preference.

I opted to leave mine unfinished.  I may repurpose this into stockings next year, and I didn't want a stitched band around the hole.  I do have the waistband fabric, which I can put around if I want... but honestly, that part is never seen anyway, so I took the easy way out,

Now I just need to find a cheap tree and start decking next week when we move into the new place. Check back this week to see all the ornaments I am making for my pink and green tree.

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