Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful fo my Orchid Whisperer

My hubby is obsessed with Orchids.  Sometimes it is kind of funny, how excited he gets over a new flower spike or psudo bulb.  It is really cute, he acts like a proud papa.  I guess you have to be an orchid lover to get it.  I liken it to my excitement over a vintage rosary or some cool funky rusty thing.  He is so great and supportive of me and my passions... I like to go with him to the orchid shows and photograph the flowers for him.  Here are some photos I took at a few shows over the past few months...I am a lucky gal, who is thankful to have a house full of beautiful blooming orchids and african violets that others can't usually grow...  Thanks to the love and care of my wonderful hubby.

 Today, on Thanksgiving, I am taking time to count the things I am thankful for.  My kids, of course.  My parents and my brothers Chip and Joe, my sister in law Krissy, my friends all over the world, my cats, my health, a car that runs, a new home with a fabulous kitchen and backyard.... but most of all, above all else.. I am thankful for my husband.

Eight years ago today I stood on a beach in Maui and married my best friend.  We giggled, and laughed and cried, as the preacher blessed us with an ancient Hawaiian wedding prayer and wished us a lifetime of love and happiness.  I still get goosebumps when he tells me he loves me.  I love him more today that I did then,  Every day gets better. Our live has been one long roller coaster ride...  We have been through it... some of the worst things life can throw at you...and come out the other side still together and loving each other.  I am a lucky woman, and I am so thankful for him.

I will be taking a brief sabbatical from blogging for the next 10 days as we move into our new home,... I will be back in December with a post a day until Christmas!  I have been working like a little elf on all kinds of cool things for the holiday season.  So check back daily for kid crafts, home decor ideas, recipes and other tips and tricks to help you have a fun and frugal holiday season.

Big holiday hugs to you all
with much love

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