Saturday, December 15, 2012

Snow Fairy Ornament

I saw these on the cover of Cloth Paper Scissors a few years ago and thought they were adorable.  I have made several versions of them over the past few years.  These were made with a little 2 inch tall bottle I had.   I made her head with paper clay.  Roll the clay into a ball.  Wrap a piece of scrapbooking copper foil around a pair of needle nose pliers to make the nose.  Stick it into the head.  Let dry.  Glitter up with rainbow superfine glitter.  Make eyes with black fabric paint writers.  I filled the bottle with glitter, wrapped vintage lace around the bottle for a dress, made stick arms with a white winter branch I bought at \Michael's.  Make a crown out of beads stacked on a sewing pin and stuck into the head.  The wings were made form a transparent pointsetta I found at the thrift store.  I hot glued them to the back of  the bottle, then placed an eye pin into the glue (for your hanger later) add a bit more glue and stick a decorative button in the back to cover up the wing construction.  Glue the snow fairy to a mini muffin tin, and glitter the base with German glass glitter.

The one on the bottom, (sorry for the terrible photo) was made the same way, but instead of wings, I made a neck ruff with a strip of silver glitter tulle gathered into a fan shape, and glued around the back of the head.

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