Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Formica sample luggage tags


This project is a fun one for kids. A great school craft for kids to make for a parent gift. I made luggage tags, but you can also put a school picture on the front, write the year and glitter the back. Every year I made some ornaments with my kids. They each have a box of their own with ornaments they have made over the years
I got a bag of these formica samples from my friend RC the dumpster diva a while back. I have been making all kinds of cool things with them... my most current obsession is luggage tags. The larger ones work best, but the small ones are cool too.

I take a graphic, image, paper scrap etc... and glue it down to the tile with Mod Podge. Scraping another one across the surface of the image to press all air bubbles out... Sometimes I layer a background paper, then an image and then some embellishments on top.


  On the opposite side of the tag I glue down the name and address side of the luggage tag on coordinating papers.  I make sure to include my email address and cell number as well as my physical address.  When everything is on that I want... I paint on a thin layer of Ice resin to give it a waterproof coating.  Do one side, let it dry overnight, and then coat the other side.  If you don't want to use resin, there are many options for coating... a few coats of mod podge with sanding in between coats gives a nice finish... also you can use crystal laquer, or clear acrylic spray... Clear nail polish will work too.  I have also used UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel) by coating the surface with clear ink, pouring on the CLEAR UTEE granules and heating it up with a heat gun.  Just be careful, if you hold ther heat gun too close to the formica tile for too long, it will melt the tile.

When you are finished, tie a piece of grosgrain ribbon, fabric or tulle like I used here, through the hole and attach to your luggage.  Ta daa.... super cute personalized luggage tags.  These are a fun gift for a wedding shower...  Many couples register for honeymoons now, you can give them the luggage tags with a card telling them what you purchased for them on their trip...  They are great graduation gifts in an envelope with money, or a baby shower gift for mommy's overnight bag...

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