Friday, February 29, 2008

Mighty Minutes

I have always been into personal development courses. I saw Zig Ziglar when I was 19 and since then, I am always looking for mentors to teach me more of the things I want to know. I was sent this mighty minute by my friend Joan. Joan is my "Big brained" friend and mentor. She is such a big thinker, that when I hang up the phone with her, I am inspired, and my brain is swollen with all the possibilities out there. She has taught me to think in that way too. Expanding your consciousness, looking deeply into what makes things tick, and then looking beyond now to what could and will be in the future, and beyond what most people see, is Visionary Thinking... I have heard of this woman before, Christine Comaford Lynch... people have recommended her book to me. I have been given tickets to hear her speak, and not gone. Well, the universe has it's own timing... and I guess when you are ready to take the step, the door opens. I am seeing this in all areas of my life.

Here is one example. I wanted to go to Artfest in Washington. When I found out it is the city where they filmed An Officer and a Gentleman, I was even more determined to go. (LOVE that movie) So... I took a leap of faith and sent in the deposit money... at the time having no money for flights, cars, hotels etc... Recently, I was able to get a free plane ticket from a friend, a little cottage came available for rent that was right in my price range, and just today a woman posted on the Artfest yahoo group that she has a rental car and is looking to share. I love how I took the leap, and the net appeared. I am really working the laws of attraction, and as a result, incredible people and opportunities are coming into my life. I wanted to find some art friends to share ideas and projects with. To trade supplies and share things about the process. I was introduced to the Altered Diva's yahoo group through my friend Debi. A fabulous group of ladies that are talented and supportive, and really super fun and nice. Then I found Swap-bot on line, and found people swapping all kinds of stuff. I joined some swaps, met some people, and now I have new friends in other places with the same interests and we trade supplies. It is so amazing how the connections come to you when you ask to receive them and you are open to it.

So I wanted to share this Mighty Minute with you. If you would like to check out Christine Comaford-Lynch's website here, you can sign up to get the mighty minute sent to your email.

The Mighty Minute #54: The Universe...A Perfect Accountant
Here's an important lesson I've learned in my many entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial adventures: The universe has a perfect accounting system. This is something that took me quite a while to figure out. I used to think, "I do so many favors for Suzie-Q, but whenever I ask for something from her, she doesn't help." Then I'd end up feeling bitter or resentful about the situation. And all along, I never realized that I was standing there with a closed fist instead of an open hand.

Now I know that there are larger laws of the universe at work. Because the more often you put your own needs aside and help people get what THEY want, the more often they'll help YOU in return. When people ask you for favors, do them if you can. Trust that you'll get favors in return, but remember--they may not necessarily come from those you've helped. They may come from unexpected places. Strapped for cash? That's the very moment you should help someone else out with a loan or gift. Trust that it will come back to you. It's like having a bank make deposits, earn interest, and get more in return. By doing good for others, more people will naturally want to help you. This is especially true when networking. Don't just put your blinders on and look for people that can do things for you. Going in with a "lean and hungry" look only oozes desperation. Instead, work on creating a "tribe" of people you truly care about and who care about you. Start by asking people what they're doing. Help them out to get the good energy moving.

I actually used to write to public figures. I wanted to hear their stories, absorb their wisdom, and see if a "nobody" like me could do something for a "somebody" like them. And guess what happened? I found my greatest mentors that way. In the end, those relationships will be the ones that matter most, and that will make the journey worthwhile. So this week, I want you to make a list of 5 people you'd like to meet. Then contact them one by one. Tell them you love what they do, that you're interested in their story, and you'd like to hear more about them. (People love to talk about themselves, so this shouldn't be a problem.) Soon, they'll be asking about you as well. And before you know it, a relationship will be forged. But remember to listen to their stories before you tell them yours. Because networking isn't just a way to get help or money; it's a way to build your tribe.

I love this Whole concept. She hit it right on the head. I do have a growing circle of friends and people supporting me in my endeavours. I have a "tribe of peeps" that I heart, and who heart me... I mean really deep down in the heart care about... Since the love launch weekend, I have been able to focus more on the love, and put more loving energy out into the universe. I was focusing on putting it out to specific people and getting frustrated when they weren't showing me the love back. Then I realized, hey "Everyone unconditionally loves me, just some of them have a hard time showing it." When I shifted my focus to loving everyone, I started to recieve more. Step number one was to learn to recieve from the universe. Step number two was to give unconditionally, number three was to expect to recieve love back, but NOT to be attached to where or whom it came from, only that I would get a "return for my love deposits" with more love... Then I got this message the next day, sent from the universe through Miss Joan to validate me that I am on the right path! So thanks everyone for the love!

With big hearts!

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