Monday, February 4, 2008

Hannah Montana

Anyone who has a girl between 2 and 30 knows who Hannah Montana is. I am in love with this girl. There are times she reminds me of a young Angelina Jolie. I just came back from taking Kayleigh to see the concert at the movie theatre. There I am, watching this girl bounce around, singing her cute little songs, and then she explains about this song she wrote about her grandpa. I start crying... not teared up, not a single tear rolling down, but full on runny nose with no tissue big ole sob crying. Kayleigh looks at me and says "Are you sad mommy?" and put her head on my arm. "Yeah, I am thinking about my Grandma. This is a really beautiful song." We sat there, the two of us, and bonded over this concert. I was just saying the other day how there really aren't any good role models for young girls anymore. This girl is awesome. Her clothing choices are tasteful and age appropriate. She is beautiful, and sexy in a fresh, sweet way that is wholesome and wonderful for all the little 7-13 year olds in the audience. I love that my daughter likes her so much. I hope she stays this way, and as she transitions into womanhood, she makes tasteful choices, bearing in mind the young girls out there emulating her. So thanks Miley Cyrus, and thanks Billy Ray for expertly guiding your daughter in a jaded business where selling sex and hoochiness is more important that raising young ladies. She shines, this one... I look forward to seeing her grow as an artist, and as a role model for young women everywhere.


Rick said...

Let's pray that she doesn't turn into another Brittney.

brenda bliss said...

it's funny--Miley went to grammar school with my daughter--and she always was determined to be a star--i remember hearing about this Disney show she auditioned for--and how she was going to be "Hannah Montana"==her dream has come true--
Bliss Happens!
brenda bliss

Lucky Girl said...

I teach middle school, and it's interesting to see which kids like HM and which think she's too geeky. I hope my child is one of the ones who like her!