Monday, March 3, 2008

Alameda Antiques Show

This show is AMAZING. It gets bigger each month. This weekend we went and the weather was sunny. We got a little sunburnt after the wind died down. I tried to snap a few pix, but we almost RAN the aisles. Pascual swears it was like 4 miles walking. It is held on the airstrip of the old NAS Alameda air base across from the Port of Oakland. The view is so beautiful, the stuff is awesome, if a bit pricey. I was still able to find a few treasures. If you live anywhere within California and like antiques shows, you should go to this one. Heck, even if you don't , you could make a trip out here and check it out. People come from Japan to shop this show... It is the first Sunday of the month every single month. Check them out here to get more info. There are lots of ephemera specialists and one guy sells nothing but altered art supplies. Everything needs to be 20 years old to sell out there... Many of the dealers are regulars there. For the best bargains, start at the back and work your way forward. The new dealers or non-regulars are put out there and they usually have better prices... I would love to hear from other junkers about where you like to go to find your cool stuff... Please post a response here and let us all know!


Stampamelbie said...

That looks like a great show! Did you find a lot of cool stuff?

Heather, said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my lovely cabinet cards. I don't use the originals (can't bear to either), but I make copies and use those, which is kind of nice because I can enlarge or reduce them to meet my needs. I know some people who have large collections and restock them often will use the originals...yipes! not me.
My favorite place to go junking is a really junky place...Goodwill Clearance Corner. Here in ABQ there is one next to the regular GoodWill and this is the last stop before the trashbin, but you'd be AMAZED at what can be found...vintage typewriters, tons of ephemera, great fabric...
Heather...see you at Artfest, glad you took the leap!