Monday, February 11, 2008

Spring is Here!!!

I almost rear ended a big truck snapping this photo. I got so excited when I saw a petty pink tree, all covered in blossoms, that I had to photograph it and share with all you blog friends out there in cold snowy places... We have wildflowers and tulip trees and cherry trees blooming here already... Neener neener neener... I could not live in a cold weather place for long. For a brief stop on to warmer places maybe.. I rained almost all of January and I was waterlogged and so depressed... The sun makes me HAPPY! So just wanted to share a little pre spring sunshine with everyone today.

Here are some photos of some pages I have been working on... I bought this kids book in Lake Tahoe a couple months ago and did these pages while up there with my mom and Teen (stepdad) and Pascual. I like to use magazine images for the basis of the collage, and work them in to the illustrations of the book. Let's see where it ends up. I don't have a plan with it, just cut and paste in random ways that looked appealing to me, and then moved on to another page. I didn't have a lot of supplies with me, so this was all I got done. I am ready to pick it up again here in the next few days.

This one is the first page. I am thinking of calling it life illustrated.

This is about the masks we wear in the world, covering our faces with makeup and our smells with perfume trying to put ourselves in a box we percieve as perfection.

I love this dance page. I have more dancing images. We never dance enough in life. Celebration-jumping for joy-doing the happy dance-dance of life kind of dancing.

This is the demure versus the immodest, the people pleaser vs the wild and free person I am inside

Beauty stereotypes, cool and hot, and how we don't have to conform to them...

Too much time on our hands, not enough time. Finding balance by picking the few things we can devote time to and do well.

This is mini me. I think I was 3. It is the wiser adult me sprinkling seeds of joy and love on the mini me. Feeding me all the things my inner child didn't get at younger ages.

The tree of knowledge, and the woman with ideas making the time to make the ideas work.

This is me talking to a lot of dream stealers and asses, vs staying rooted in my own knowledge that the ideas I am giving birth to in my little nest need nurturing and protection from the asses of the world, until they become full fledged works out in the world.

Tomorrow My mom and my friend Kerry and I are rearranging my garage to make room for my art stuff and set up some kind of studio space for me in there. We are closing the center at the end of he month. Time to move on to new endeavours for all of us. Stay tuned for more updates on what we are doing. We are building a web based community of like minded souls who are spiritual, green and want to see the potential in every human shine. It will be tight and cozy here at La Casa Machin. But it is only for a few months until we find a house we want to move to. I am only looking at 3 car garages or homes with in law units in the back for all my stuff. I will post pictures of the garage/studio transformation soon!

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Stampamelbie said...

OMG Karan, this book is beautiful! Love the work you've been doing. :)

I'm sorry about the center closing. I hope that whatever you all do, you'll be successful! Well, I know you'll be successful!! :) what am I talking about?? LOL