Thursday, February 7, 2008

Animal Totem's

My cats crack me up. We have 3. The mama Persephone, and her two boys Ted and Seabass (short for Sebastian) Purse only really tolerates Megan. She is her cat. She is pretty mean and tempermental. The boys are very sweet, people loving cats. Ted is in the chair behind me as I type. He is in a lovie mood. Seabass already went out to chase lizards. I have been getting signs from the animal world for a while. I have these great cards and a book that goes with it. If you take a look at the animals in your life, and the ones you favor or are attracted to, you will usually find they have qualities that you are looking to bring in o your life. Or they may be showing you something you need.

At the center, we have an ant problem. No problem really, just get the Raid or use bleach as we do, and they go away. But they don't. They are bringing us a big message about community. About working together for a common goal and not letting others wipe away our goals. Looking for new ways to get to what we want. These ants are like Houdini. They show up in places where we can't figure out where they are coming from. We have learned to live with them, as long as they don't get in our food. If we all behaved in the same way as the ants, we could really make things happen. We are looking at creating a spiritual community of people with green initiative ideas. People who want to recycle and preserve the world. People who want to do good works on the planet. The regular meetings we are having, and the people who keep showing up, are telling us over and over that we are on the right path.

My cat's show me humor every day, and remind me that life is an adventure. We must embrace every day and really LIVE it. I am tired of just surviving to fight through another day. I am ready for the ease and flow that is coming my way. I am ready for a community of like minded souls who want to bring about change in the world. I am ready to feel free in my life for the first time. I saw a hummingbird the other day. They are the messengers of Joy! Yeah, I am ready for that too! I have started looking at all the animals I like that are not in these cards, and I am creating my own deck, customized just for me. Learning and playing while doing art reminds me of Kindergarten. So yeah, I am going back to kindergarten to really learn to live in the moment. Today, I am going for a walk in the park behind my house, and I am taking my camera, and looking for animal signs. I am also going to enjoy this beautiful sunny day to it's fullest.


Kel said...

Hi Karan, thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my ATCs - very kind! I hope you got yours shipped off when you wanted to. I may see you at Artfest when the books are handed. There's a giveaway on my blog now as part of the One World - One Heart event. Do feel free to stop by and see.

Kel x

Stampamelbie said...

You're kitty looks like my velcro kitty! :) I love kitties too! Hmm, like you didn't know that. LOL

And I've been using these Goddess cards by Doreen Virtue. They are so very cool. Not sure if they are like your animal cards, but yours sound really cool!!

Love ya!