Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Kelly Rae Roberts scraplift...

Yeah yeah, I know, you have heard me talk about her before... Some of you may have gone to her site and seen her beautiful art... I read her articles in Cloth Paper Scissors and something in what she said struck me deeply. I found myself sitting there crying, unable to read the words on the page for too many tears.. How could someone who doesn't even KNOW me know so much about how I feel inside? I have worked with the laws of attraction long enough to know that nothing is an accident. Her words resonate with me because they are REAL. She examines the deep places inside herself and gives herself permission to not be ok, and to be ok with just being where she is. I like that. I like that she is always learning and growing and so willing to share who she is with people in her work, on her blog, and in person. I love what a great mirror she is for me. The universe sent me a sign to say, "the things you like in her, are in you. " I just think she is cool. I had the opportunity to have coffee with her, and she is just as sweet in person.

Here is my attempt to do the exercise she had in her article. I love learning new techniques, and I like these. I have NEVER painted a face, and was pleasantly surprised at how it came out. I think with more practice, I might find a style of face that I can paint comfortably. Now I am collecting quotes and affirmations to finish up the picture... I learned a few things. Don't be afraid or intimidated to play. Try new things, don't feel like a copycat or scraplifter, you are learning a technique and like a cooking recipe, it is best to follow the directions so you can see how close you get to the original. Then from there on the next ones, I deviate and throw in my own influences and add more of my own style... I have learned so much from Kelly and her articles and her blog.... Way beyond techniques... she is a spiritual teacher. A miner of the gold in the souls of those who want to go exploring for it. Thanks Universe, for the expiration of my subscription that caused me to actually DRIVE to Barnes and Noble looking for a copy, and then finding the LAST copy they had, (hidden behind a new Age magazine...) which was the issue with her first article in it. There was something DRIVING me to find that magazine, beyond what I would have done, and now I know. It opened a door for me to a new thought process that has really changed my life... So thanks Kelly... for touching my life in a profound way. It has enabled me to touch others lives with my words, and the love goes on... I feel blessed!

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