Thursday, January 31, 2008

Technology difficulties....

Mercury is in retrograde in aquarius in the 10th house , which is fame and career and technology... for those of you non-astrologically minded people, this means some serious crap is going down right now... in regards to technology equipment... T-Mobile is having a system wide problem with their wifi phones and technicians are working on it now... one of my computers stopped working today, and I am backing up all of my files like a crazy woman. I didn't really believe in this stuff before... but it is really wierd that everyone I talk to is having some kind of technology problem right now... go check out this website and read your own horoscope... I was totally freaked about the retrograde thingie until I read my horoscope... MAN... I am ROCKIN' this month... Yeah Taurus... Starting with the 1st and continuing on to the 6th, all high power days for me... I am so stoked to finally be shifting and getting things on track again... I feel it, I feel it... I am using the laws of attraction to bring in some good stuff, and it is coming my way. SO don't freak if all your techie stuff breaks down... just know it will all get better after the 17th... I didn't used to believe... but Now I'm a believer.... (singin' along to the original Monkees version NOT the Smashmouth version)

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