Friday, January 4, 2008

100 more I'm half way there!

On the beach in Aruba with my honey

401 saw the Santa Cruz Mission
402 saw a hillside covered with cardboard boxes for homes in Mexico City
403. watched a glassblower make margarita glasses out of old soda bottles in Mexico
404. toured the rainforest in Puerto Rico
405. went to the Bacardi Rum factory in Puerto Rico and stocked up on dark rum
406. I buy a shot glass from every place I visit
407. I was a vegetarian for a couple months
408. I took classes on how to channel the Michael entity
409. took classes on Dancing with romance, how to relate better to people using the Michael system dynamics
410. I wanted to be a special needs teacher when I was little
411. I can tell the sex of a pregnant woman’s baby with a needle and thread
412. my grandmother had prophetic dreams that often came true
413. my brother fell through a window when he was a kid and cut his head open. I can still hear the crash of the glass as he fell off his chair and through the window
414. my other brother got nailed in the head with a golf club when he ran behind the neighbor as he was swinging the club and it split his forehead open
415. I dislocated my cousin’s arm when I was swinging her around outside
416. my grandpa died when I was 14. I don’t remember him very much.
117. I never knew my dad’s dad. He died in my dad’s arms of a heart attack when my dad was 13.
418. I always felt sad for my dad about that. Losing his dad, and also watching him die, really affected him.
419. my dad’s mom was an awesome seamstress
420. she and my aunt used to make me the most adorable clothes
421. I still have the rag doll my grandma made me when I was born
422. the best Christmas gift I ever got as a kid was a men’s boot box STUFFED full of Barbie clothes that my aunt (and fairy godmother) had made me
423. I spent my summers in Bakersfield as a kid with my grandma and aunt and uncle
424. my dad grew up on a cotton farm in Bakersfield
425. that rag doll I have is stuffed with cotton from that farm
426. my uncle lost the farm after my grandpa died
427. I was born at Travis Air Force Base
428. luckily, my dad got out of the air force before Vietnam started
429. I just found out recently my dad wanted to work for the forestry department as a fire jumper. He received the hire letter after he shipped off to boot camp.
430. my parents met at a wedding of mutual friends
431. my house was the cool house where all the kids hung out
432. we had a fort, and a half pipe for skating and a pool table in the garage
433. my dad was the bouncer at my keg parties

434. my mom used to bake wedding cakes and always made us the best birthday cakes
435. The first dog I remember having was Tuffy, a beagle basset hound mix
436. that dog almost bit my thumb off when I tried to move his food dish while he was eating
437. I had a cat named Harry who liked to fight with dogs
438. I kept one of the puppies born under the Christmas tree. Her name was Chelsea, and she was an adorable cocker spaniel
439. the best dog we ever had was a border collie named cuddles
440. I remember burning my had on the iron and sitting in my high chair with my hand in vinegar all day afterward
441. I remember making homemade tortillas with my grandma. Rolling the one ball of dough she gave me for hours. I was 2.
442. I remember being put in the shower with all my clothes on when I threw a tantrum
443. I remember getting a Drowsy doll for my birthday at 3 years old, and going straight in the bathroom, pouring Comet on her head and washing her hair… it stuck up like a mohawk after that
444. I remember the year my aunt tricked me and gave me 4 cans of mushrooms for Christmas, but my real present was the Barbie styling head.
445. that same Christmas my brothers got cans of reindeer poop, and Daisey BB guns
446. Had dinner on the beach at the The Office restaurant in Cabo
447. had dinner on the beach in Aruba at sunset
448. found a peace sign rock at the river
449. learned to speak a few words in Papiamento
450. Know a few more in Hawaiian
451. had a Hawaiian minister marry us on the beach
452. He blessed us with a traditional Hawaiian blessing that made me cry
453. I think I was Hawaiian in several past lives
454. Every time I leave Hawaii, I cry like I am leaving home forever
455. I collect antique photos, especially of kids and women
456. my grandfather was stationed on Oahu and was in the calvary
457. I have an old photo of my grandpa at Schofield Barracks
458. I have an ancestor on my mom’s fathers side who was a drummer boy for the Rebel army during the civil war.
459. I am distantly related to the Wright Brothers
460. My son is a descendant of Haans Christian Andersen
461. One of my ancestors married Napoleon’s cousin
462. My Spanish ancestors were most likely gypsy’s who immigrated to the new world.
463. my great great grandmother was a native California Indian
464. I have ancestors buried at the San Gabriel Mission
465. one of my ancestors was father Junipero Serra’s housekeeper
466. My dad has an Indian basket that has been passed down in my family for a couple hundred years.
467. my dad learned how to water ski being towed behind a car while he skied in the irrigation canal
468. I am terrified of bees and things that fly and sting
469. I love hummingbirds
470. I used to have deer living in my backyard
471. I am a packrat
472. I did my first school performance in kindergarten. It was the hookeylau and I was too shy to do it with my parents in the audience
473. I used to be very shy when I was a kid
474. people picked on me because I wore glasses
475. I am very blind without them
476. I broke my nose in a car accident when the airbag exploded in my face
477. we killed a deer in the same accident
478. I was blind in one eye for a few days because of the accident
479. I spent 4 days in the hospital because of it
480. the accident happened on my second date with my husband
481. I love to go antique shopping
482. I am a big garage sale junkie
483. I go to the flea market almost every Sunday
484. I love the flea market in maui
485. I saw a double rainbow on Maui
486. They have a big flea market in Madrid but you have to beware of pickpockets
487. I went to a flea market in Barcelona and bought a vintage christening gown
488. I went to a flea market in Rome and bought some old letters and postcards
489. They don’t have any thrift or recycling stores in Italy or Spain, only a few open air markets, and old things are hard to find. Most people just throw them away.
490. When we got married in Spain, my mother in law made all the girls dresses
491. During the ceremony, the bride and groom exchange coins to symbolize the sharing of money in the marriage.
492. my stepdad and his dad combined the coins from their pockets to add to the symbolism.
493. I have the coins on a special tray my mother in law made for them.
494. We had a cake top made as a sculpture of us in our wedding clothes
495. we had another one of us made that are chickens with our heads.
496. we took 8 large suitcases of stuff over for the wedding
497. I love old maps
498. Roses are my favorite flower
499. purple is my favorite color
500. raspberries are my favorite fruit


debi said...

Karan... I am learning so much about you by reading your list. I now, having started one. Thanks for sharing this. I didn't think I'd be able to come up with much, but the more I write, the more memories come pouring out. Thanks so much for inspiring me to start my own.


Stampamelbie said...

I love your list, Karan. I just love reading the little bits that I never knew about you.

And I always cry when I leave the islands. I've always felt it was home for me, eventhough only my parents have lived there.