Monday, January 21, 2008

Yesterday was a GOOD flea market day

As any good junker can attest... it is an awesome day when you find a treasure at the flea market. I hit the jackpot yesterday at our local market. Maybe it was the sunny day after so many cold rainy days, or maybe it was the good luck energy created by having my parents along with me... maybe it was just a good flea market karma day. Whatever it was... I am THANKFUL and so stoked that I found all this cool stuff. At every booth I found something interesting. I didn't buy it all, only the stuff that "called" to me. Copper chains, vintage photos, jewelry boxes, old broken dolls, perfume bottles... The ideas are running through my mind. I spent today cleaning out the storage closet at the studio so I can get at all my stuff tomorrow and start creating something. I have started to narrow down and define my artistic style. Spiritual Art... I like creating art with a story. I love looking at conceptual art, but I really enjoy hearing about the stories behind them just as much. I am doing a series of pieces now about the pockets in my heart. Sticking with the heart as a theme, and going along on the spiritual path in my creating is giving me more clarity into who I am and where I want to go.

I will be back soon with my final 100 things. I am scouring all over for great inspirational quotes.


Johnina said...

You will have to share some of that art when you get it finished, I'd love to see.

Katrina said...

oh, hooray to fine junking treasures! congrats on your creative treasure hunting and thanks for your kind comment on my blog.