Friday, January 11, 2008

California Girl

I have been thinking of moving lately. I am grounded here because of my kids. But once Kayleigh is off to college, we will be traveling... Our big dream is to own a home in Maui, Italy and Spain, and to spend our time traveling between the three homes 2 months at a time. One of our kids better have a house with RV parking, so we can stay there when we are in town. I am working with some real estate people on a project in another state, and as things unfold, I may buy a home there as well. I might need to commute for a while.....

In light of the thoughts of moving, I realize I have WAY too much stuff to travel light. So we are in a get rid of it phase. I am opening an ebay store and down the road an esty boutique to sell a lot of stuff. We are selling everything in our 3 storage units on Craigslist. If you are looking for anything specific, let me know... I may have it. I need to lighen my load. All the stuff and clutter just bogs me down. I look at all the crap in the garage with the "If a fire burned my house down, what would I save?" mentality... There are a few boxes... photos, the kids baby things, a box with christening dresses and my grandma's wedding dress... that is it... All the rest is just stuff... stuff I have been saving for someday when I need it... well... I am selling it all. If I find I need it after it is gone, I will just go buy what I need for that occasion, use it, and get rid of the leftovers.

I am going to Artfest this year, and I am sending off a HUGE package of stuff for their Art Assylum room where crafters and artists go to make art. Un packrating and uncluttering my life is hard... a die hard 4th generation packrat... I find it very hard to let go. But I need to. It is all making me crazy... the stuff is overflowing in my house to the point where there is barely room for us... I dream of one of those clean sweep teams coming in... and it is a nightmare to me... Having others see the crap piled up in my house... taking it all out and going through it... I know we have a hoarding problem. I am really working on letting it all go... lets see how far we get in the coming months.

So that all being said... I thought of leaving, and getting rid of things, and freeing up my life to be able to travel... and I started to feel free. Then I realized, I have been to a lot of cities in California. Not all of them by far, and there are many small towns I have never even heard of... but I guess all my traveling really started as a kid with my family. Going on a road trip somewhere, usually the mountains. Discovering new places, seeing new things, lerning historical facts. My dad used to tell me they were called hysterical landmarks. So I called them that once when I was riding in the car with some friends of theirs, and they were laughing at me. When I found out, I was SO MAD at my dad for telling me the wrong thing. I laugh about it now, but at the time, I was really pissed off at my dad. So my 100 things today is a list of all the places I have been in California. These are places I have spent time in, from a food stop, to an overnight trip or vacation. But I did actually spend a little time there, not just drive through. When you add up all the hours you spend... it really adds up. I like focusing on all the things I HAVE done in my life... It makes me feel better about myself, and I don't beat myself up so much for what I haven't done. I am almost done with my list... I feel like I kinda cheated just listing places I have been... but hey... wasn't that how I originally started this list in the first place? Ok... as penance I will do 100 more INTERESTING things on my next and final 100.

801. Burbank California
802. Los Angeles California
803. San Clemente California
804. Dana Point California
805. San Diego California
806. Carlsbad California
807. Long Beach California
808. Anaheim California
809. Buena Park California
810. Brea California
811. Hollywood California
812. Grand Terrace California
813. Calimesa California
814. San Bernardino California
815. San Juan Capistrano California
816. Santa Barbara California
817. San Luis Obispo
818. San Simeon California
819. Big Sur California
820. Carmel California
821. Monterey California
822. Watsonville California
823. Morgan Hill California
824. Half Moon Bay California
825. Santa Cruz California
826. Capitola California
827. Scotts Valley California
828. San Jose California
829. Santa Clara California
830. Fremont California
831. Hayward California
832. San Lorenzo California
833. San Leandro California
834. Castro Valley California
835. Oakland California
836. San Francisco California
837. Berkeley California
838. Albany California
839. Richmond California
840. Pt. Richmond California
841. Emeryville California
842. San Ramon California
843. Livermore California
844. Pleasanton California
845. Tracy California
846. Bakersfield California
847. Coalinga California
848. Los Banos California
849. Riverbank California
850. Modesto California
851. Ceres California
852. Ripon California
853. Danville California
854. Alamo California
855. Blackhawk California
856. Clayton California
857. Brentwood California
858. Oakley California
859. Antioch California
860. Pittsburg California
861. Baypoint California
862. Concord California
863. Walnut Creek California
864. Pleasant Hill California
865. Martinez California
866. San Pablo California
867. Hercules California
868. Pinole California
869. Vallejo California
870. Benicia California
871. Napa California
872. Sonoma California
873. St. Helena California
874. Calistoga California
875. Oakville California
876. Rutherford California
877. Clear lake California
878. Lake Berryessa California
879. Arnold California
880. Ione California
881. Sutter Creek California
882. Jackson California
883. Jamestown California
884. Mokulomne Hill California
885. Lodi California
886. Clements California

887. Sonora California
888. Angels Camp California
889. Murphys California
890. Camp Connell California
891. Big Trees California
892. Fresno California
893. Lake Elsinore California
894. South Lake Tahoe California
895. Truckee California
896. Nevada City California
897. Grass Valley California
898. Auburn California
899. Sacramento California
900. Roseville California
901. Albany California
902. Atherton California
903. Alameda California
904. American Canyon California
905. Brisbane California
906. Burlingame California
907. Chula Vista California
908. Cloverdale California
909. Colfax California
910. Coronado California
911. Cupertino California
912. Daly Ciry California
913. Dixon California
914. Davis California
915. Vacaville California
916. Suisun California
917. Rio Vista California
918. El Cerrito California
919. Escalon California
920. Fairfield California
921. Fort Bragg California
922. Galt California
923. Gilroy California
924. Isleton California
925. Laguna Beach California
926. Laguna Hills California
927. Laguna Niguel California
928. Malibu California
929. Larkspur California
930. Lathrop California
931. Manteca California
932. Mill Valley California
933. Corte Madeira California
934. Sausalito California
935. Tiburon California
936. Forest Knolls California
937. Moraga California
938. Mt. Shasta California
939. Morro Bay California
940. Newark California
941. Novato California
942. Pacifica California
943. Pacific Grove California
944. Palo Alto California
945. Petaluma California
946. Bodega Bay
947. Gualala
948. Cotati California
949. Red Bluff
950. Redding
951. Redwood City
952. Rocklin
953. Rohnert Park
954. Roseville
955. Ross
956. San Anselmo
957. Forest Knolls
958. San Bruno
959. San Carlos
960. Santa Clarita
961. Santa Rosa
962. Sebastopol
963. Stockton
964. Turlock
965. Waterford
966. Winters
967. Willits
968. Garberville
969. Redway
970. Fortuna
971. Ft. Bragg
972. Mendocino
973. Yountville
974. Yucaipa
975. Yuba City

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