Wednesday, January 2, 2008

100 more

Juliette statue in Verona

I started this list out as the 1000 amazing things I have seen and done. Some of these things are not really amazing, just significant to me. As I create the list... I find myself sifting through the memories and experiences of my life, looking back on where I have been and what I have done. It has been an incredible ride so far. I watched Parenthood last night on video... yes VIDEO... I actually prefer it to DVD and they are much more kid proof. All my videos lasted through 4 kids, and many of the DVD's get scratched and are no good. So we still watch videos.. Anyway... Parenthood is a great movie about all the things we deal with as parents. The good and the bad, the happy, the challenging, the sweet and heartbreak and disappointment.. All in one movie, with an amazing cast. I could idetify with all of the characters in the movie. I have experienced so many of the same things myself. So my next 100 things will have more of the joys and sorrows of being human, and the roller coaster ride we are all on. Like the grandma says in the movie, " On a merry go round, all you do is go around in circles. I like the roller coaster. Never have I been so scared and sick and excited and thrilled all at the same time." Yeah, I like the roller coasters too. I had forgoten that scene in the movie. I often compare my life to a roller coaster. And I really do LOVE them. So YAY me for creating a thrilling life for myself!

201. got pooped on by a pigeon in San Marcos square in Venice
202. Ate dinner at Spago
203. Saw the Celine Dion show in Las Vegas
204. won a blue ribbon for cooking Rouladen in 4H when I was in 4th grade
205. had a lead part in a school musical
206. hosted a Japanese exchange student when I was 14 that I still talk to today
207. saw the Brooklyn bridge in person
208. took photos in the gothic quarter in Barcelona
209. made a birthday cake shaped like a teapot
210. took a flower arranging class
211. did the flowers for a friend’s wedding
212. make the best Christmas cookies every year
213. saw the Zumanity show in Las Vegas
214. drank grappa in italy
215. visited El Escoreal in Spain where the royal family is entombed
216. visited the Medici family chapel and saw Michelangelo’s work there
217. saw UPS boats delivering packages in Venice
218. sat on the dock in San Francisco while huge waves washed over my car
219. experienced the 1989 Loma Preita earthquake
220. experienced the Northridge quake in 1994
221. had a sunburn in Canada in winter and couldn’t find sunburn cream
222. schlepped 2 cases of Hawaiian soda from Maui to Honolulu to San Francisco to Montreal to Quebec to Chicago and back to San Francisco
223. saw the waterfalls from Fantasy Island in person
224. got spit on by a mean boy in 7th grade
225. have really straight teeth and never needed braces
226. had a cat when I was a kid with the same name as my current mother in law
227. picked wild blackberries in Mendocino
228. ate a pancake breakfast at a fire station in Mendocino
229. Had a bonfire and sing along with the Boyscouts on the beach in Ft. Bragg CA
230. bought a hand embroidered Spanish shawl in Madrid
231. found the baby in the kings cake on January 6th in Spain
232. saw the Commodores in concert
233. ordered a beer in the drive thru at McDonalds in Spain
234. saw Iron Maiden
235. watched Italian chalk painters create sidewalk art in Firenze
236. saw the black crows in concert
237. rubbed the boob of a bronze statue of Juliette to make my love last forever
238. bought a venetian mask in Venice
239. saw Loverboy
240. saw the Gap Band in concert
241. saw Rod Stewart
242. rubbed the snout of a bronze pig in Firenze for good luck
243. bought Murano glass in Venice
244. took a nap in the garden of the moors palace in Seville and got chased off by the cops
245. stood on the launch platform for the space shuttle at Cape Canaveral
246. saw the Smokey Mountains
247. saw Neil Diamond in concert
248. Saw the Blue Ridge Mountains
249. saw Journey
250. Camped in the Sierra Nevada’s
251. toured John Muir’s home
252. bought a nativity set in Spain
253. saw Matchbox 20
254. drank sangria at a flamenco show in Madrid
255. learned how to make Sangria
256. saw Boston, Sammy Hagar and Eddie Money at Day on the Green in 1977
257. fell in love with flamenco dancing
258. saw Luther Vandross
259. kissed under the lovers arch cave on Capri
260. saw the counting crows
261. had my picture taken next to the Wall Street bull
262. rode a high speed train in Madrid
263. drove the road to Hana on Maui
264. saw AC/DC
265. parasailed to 500 feet with my 6 year old daughter on Maui
266. raced around the streets of Barcelona at incredible speeds trying to follow someone to a birthday party who drove like an Indy 500 racer
267. went to a Doobie Brothers concert on Maui
268. saw Phil Collins in concert
269. met some of the Doobie Brothers at the Harley shop on Maui
270. saw the Eagles in concert twice
271. saw Sammy Hagar in concert 5 times
272. Saw Travis Tritt in concert
273. drank limoncello on Capri
274. saw Foreigner
275. Toured a church in Ravenna Italy completely decorated inside with mosaics
276. ate in a pizza parlor in Italy owned by Chinese people
277. discovered that traditional Italian pizza is made cracker thin like a tortilla
278. drank coffee in an outdoor café in Sienna Italy
279. toured the Doge’s palace in Venice
280. walked through the corridor underneath the bridge of sighs
281. watched a glassblower make Murano glass
282. saw the musical Hairspray on stage
283. saw Les Miserables
284. saw Mama Mia on Broadway
285. visited the New York American girl doll store
286. visited the Chicago American Girl doll store
287. took an architectural boat tour on the river in Chicago
288. cried when each of my kids started school
289. had my first psychic experience at the age of 9
290. had my wedding invitations drawn by a cartoonist on Navy Pier
291. saw Harry Potter on the IMAX
292. took psychic childbirth classes
293. learned from my son that there are 3 kinds of bees and 3 kinds of clouds
294. went on a 10 day tour of Italy with a busload of Spanish Speaking people from all over the world who spoke no English to me until the last day. I learned that day to TRY and speak with my Tarzan Spanish, it makes them less intimidated to speak to me in their Tarzan English if I do it first.
295. got a haircut in Spain with my mother in law, who speaks no English, and a hairdresser who spoke no English and actually LOVED how my hair turned out
296. borrowed my husband’s cousin’s wedding tiara in Spain because I had forgotten mine at home in California.
297. said wedding vows in Spanish
298. hired a speaker coach to help me with public speaking
299. have gone on several scrapbooking retreats and made really great friends
300. bought 3 boxes of vintage photos for $20 at an estate sale

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Stampamelbie said...

You have done some really amazing things! Thank you for sharing your lists with us, I am enjoying reading them. :)