Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Gypsy Soul

In Spain at the Monestario De Piedra after traveling for 27 hours

I learned when I went to Spain that I have a Gypsy Soul. I am never happier that when I am going somewhere. Some people live their whole lives and never leave the town they were born in. Pascual did a search in Spain on my family name... My great Grandmother's name is Montoya. That is a gypsy name in Spain. So much so that almost all people with that name in Spain are of gypsy origin. So... there is a reason why I am drawn to gypsies, and flamenco dancing and violin and tambourine... It is the remnants of the gypsy in my soul yearning to travel, and see what is over the next hill. I was feeling sorry for myself because I haven't traveled much in the past year. Then I started thinking of all the places I HAVE been. I have been to some incredible places and seen some amazing sights. When I started writing all the places down where I have been, I was amazed at how many there actually were.

Also, I found this band called Gypsy Soul. You can download their music on i tunes. A celtic/new age type band. The lady has an amazing voice. One More Day is my favorite one. She sings about where do you shine in your life. Go buy the CD... I promise you will like it. I have been thinking about shining. Where do I shine in my life? I think I will explore that in my next 100 list tomorrow...

701. Las Vegas Nevada
702. I have been to Phoenix Arizona
703. I have been to Denver Colorado
704. I have been to Arlington Texas
705. and Dallas Texas
706. and Seattle Washington
707. and Ft. Lauderdale Florida
708. and Palm Beach Florida
709. and Orlando Florida
710. Cape Canaveral Florida
711. Charlotte, North Carolina
712. Asheville North Carolina
713. High Point North Carolina
714. Greensboro North Carolina
715. Weddington North Carolina
716. Chicago Illinois
717. Palatine Illinois
718. Killdeer Illinois
719. Long Grove Illinois
720. Lincolnshire Illinois
721. Arlington Heights Illinois
722. Lake Forest Illinois
723. Naperville Illinois
724. Mt. Prospect Illinois
725. Rockford Illinois
726. Rosemont Illinois
727. Monroe Wisconsin
728. Cave Creek Arizona
729. Carefree Arizona
730. Manhattan New York
731. Madrid Spain
732. Barcelona Spain
733. Zaragoza Spain
734. Casteldefels Spain
735. Seville Spain
736. Villafranca Spain
737. Benasque Spain
738. El Escoreal Spain
739. Piedra Spain
740. Lleida Spain
741. Sitges Spain
742. Granollers Spain
743. Priorat Spain
744. Rome Italy
745. Venice Italy
746. Firenze Italy
747. Capri Italy
748. Napoli Italy
749. Milan Italy
750. Verona Italy
751. Bologna Italy
752. Assis Italy
753. Sienna Italy
754. Pompeii Italy
755. Ravenna Italy
756. Mexico City Mexico
757. Monterey Mexico
758. Puerto Vallarta Mexico
759. Cabo San Lucas Mexico
760. Montreal Canada
761. Quebec Canada
762. Atlanta Georgia
763. Nassau Bahamas
764. Paradise Island Bahamas
765. Oranjestad Aruba
766. San Juan Puerto Rico
767. St. Martin Virgin Islands
768. Honolulu Hawaii
769. Sunset Beach Hawaii
770. Pearl City Hawaii
771. Kihei Hawaii
772. Lahaina Hawaii
773. Hana Hawaii
774. Paia Hawaii
775. Makawao Hawaii
776. Kaanapali Beach Hawaii
777. Poipu Beach Hawaii
778. Hilo Hawaii
779. Kailua Hawaii
780. Lihue Hawaii
781. Puunene Hawaii
782. Waikoloa Hawaii
783. Wailuku Hawaii
784. Napili Hawaii
785. Wailea Hawaii
786. Kapalua Hawaii
787. Waikoloa Hawaii
788. Wailua Hawaii
789. Hanapepe Hawaii
790. Park City Utah
791. Salt Lake City Utah
792. Bountiful Utah
793. Draper Utah
794. Provo Utah
795. Spanish Fork Utah
796. Lehi Utah
797. Sandy Utah
798. Sundance Utah
799. West Jordan Utah
800. Stateline Nevada

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