Saturday, January 26, 2008

OK... I give up...

I have been working on collecting inspirational quotes. 100 of them, and I just don't have the time to sit on the computer that long. Well, I do, but I won't let myself. So I decided, to just finish up my list with the last 25 things I need to make it complete. It was supposed to be fun, and I have turned it into a stressful chore. Does that ever happen to you? You start out with an inspired idea, and then the idea becomes a nightmare as you let it build into something that you don't even want anymore? Anyway... I am going to do the 100 quotes. But I am collecting them as I go. When I am finished, I will post it for all the world to see. Then I am doing my mondo beyondo list and then I will start on my 1000 things to do/bucket list. With a few side trips to the flea market and some other cool things thrown in for fun... This list was difficult to do. Out of all the other 975 things, these were the hardest to write. Why is it so difficult for us to write nice things about ourselves? Why is it so hard to accept when someone says something nice to you, that it could actually be true? I decided to challenge myself with a dinky list of 25 things about myself that I know... so here goes.

I am a loving person
I am a wonderful mother
I am a good wife
I deserve the life I have
I can create the life I want
I have great inspirational moments
I am trustworthy
I am pretty on the outside and beautiful on the inside
I love people
I love to listen to old people's life stories
I have cute feet
I have pretty hands
I have a big loud laugh
I look for kindness everywhere
I try to live each day with purpose and fall asleep content with how I lived it
I am a good friend
I am good at attracting people and situations with me using the laws of attraction
I know "The Secret" but I often forget to practice the principles
I try to walk tall in the world and be proud of myself and my accomplishments
I forgive myself when I make mistakes
I take time to nurture myself
I have a great sense of humor and a beautiful smile, but I don't use them often enough
I look for the gift in every situation
I strive every day to make a difference
I am happy

1 comment:

Johnina said...

You've got some great qualities there, don't waist them!
May your life be just as beautiful.
Good luck with your list. You forgot very ambitious on this one!