Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

I am so looking forward to this year. In numerology and Tarot... 2008 is a wheel of fortune year. Which means all possibilities. I am focusing on the good. Looking ahead to what is possible. Like these trees in the photo... spring and fall together side by side. You wouldn't think that is possible, but here is the photo to prove it. There are amazing things, and miracles all around us. I am looking for them everywhere I go...

I am working on my 1000 things list, and let me warn you, it gets harder to do. I needed Pascual to prompt me on some more and I made it to 200. Doing 100 a day is challenging, but I will do it. I will make it to 1000... then I will do the 1000 things to do and see after that... I have started on it already.

101. Rode snowmobiles in Park City Utah
102. Rode in a one horse open sleigh
103. Christmas caroled at a retirement home
104. learned to make English toffee that tastes better than almond roca
105. learned to water ski
106. learned how to make Limoncello
107. threw three coins in the Trevi fountain
108. Toured a winery in the Penedes region of Spain
109. was proposed to in a horse carriage on fisherman’s wharf
110. recorded a bunch of commercials on the radio
111. worked and shopped the CHA trade show
112. got my picture taken with Mickey Mouse
113. snorkeled in the virgin islands
114. rode a waverunner around Paradise Island in the Bahamas
115. learned how to do tequila shots without making “the face”
116. learned how to make awesome jello shots
117. had some friends make me a special birthday album, my best present ever
118. bought a convertible and never drive with the top down
119. bought an SUV and have never driven it in the snow
120. petted a wild deer and felt the velvet on his little spiked antlers
121. saw a Broadway show on Broadway
122. went shopping in Los Angeles’ fashion district
123. woke up at 4 am just to go to a flea market
124. owned a home in Barcelona
125. owned two homes in California
126. stood in a church that was 1300 years old
127. had an Italian singer serenade me on a gondola
128. had the flu for 1 month straight
129. learned how to make paper
130. had a private audience with the queen at the renaissance faire
131. saw dinosaur bones at the La Brea Tarpits in Los Angeles
132. watched 4th of July fireworks from the beach in San Clemente
133. Went to a Super Bowl and watched the Raiders get their butts kicked
134. took a limo tour of SO. California and saw the sunset in Malibu
135. walked down Hollywood’s walk of fame
136. stood in Marilyn Monroe’s footsteps in front of Mann’s Chinese Theatre
137. live in the town as Joe Dimaggio was from
138. am from the city where the Martini was invented
139. Had a private dinner cooked for me on the beach in Maui
140. hiked to a private waterfall in Hawaii
141. saw the best sunsets in store parking lots in Illinois
142. had a picnic in the snow
143. camped in a tent in the snow and had to use hot rocks from the fire to keep from freezing to death
144. never really knew what deep love was until I held my first baby in my arms…
145. owned a house and lost it, owned another and lost it too and survived to tell the tale
146. laughed so hard I peed my pants
147. laughed so hard I had an asthma attack
148. laughed so hard, I cried
149. cried so hard I puked
150. hurt in my heart so bad I wanted to die
151. marched in several parades
152. got served at the monorail bar at the Disneyland hotel when I was 17 years old
153. broke my collar bone when I fell of the bed at 2 years old
154. bought vintage postcards from a gypsy woman in Rome
155. gave birth to a 9 pound 6 oz baby with absolutely no drugs
156. tried to be a surrogate mother for 3 different infertile couples
157. went to Sedona Arizona
158. was in a car that broke down in the lion country safari in the lion habitat in 100 degree weather with the power windows stuck shut and lions circling the car
159. saw the Phantom of the Opera musical
160. saw Yule Brenner in one of his last performances of the King and I
161. smoked pot with some hippies in Humboldt
162. had 5 whiplash accidents
163. got bit in the stomach by a parrotfish while snorkeling in Hanauma Bay
164. ate the best noodles ever at the flea market in Maui and have craved them ever since
165. married the same man 3 times
166. have had 6 wedding dresses in my life, but only 3 husbands
167. had 3 honeymoons with one husband and none with the other two
168. lost my class ring on the beach in Hawaii after owning it 3 days
169. broke my toe on my honeymoon
170. scratched my cornea on my honeymoon
171. caught the flu on my honeymoon
172. saved every pair of my kids baby shoes
173. watched the little mermaid at least 1000 times
174. found my great grandparents names in the ship registry archives on Ellis Island
175. learned to speak Tarzan Spanish
176. cried every time one of my kids learned there was no Santa Claus
177. saw the Rolling Stones play live
178. have ridden public transit trains in Barcelona, Atlanta, San Francisco, New York, Spain & Madrid
179. watched my cat give birth
180. watched my dog get hit by a car
181. got swarmed on by a hive of yellow jacket hornets and stung over 20 times
182. had my pinkie toe smashed in the car door
183. have worn glasses since I was 7
184. have seen the original immigration documents for my great grandparents
185. slept in a hammock on the island of Lanai all day
186. got scared by a wild iguana running by me on the island of Aruba
187. died my hair blonde once
188. flew first class from San Francisco to New York and slept the whole way
189. ate 12 grapes in Spain at the stroke of midnight on new years for good luck
190. fell down in the middle of the bowling lane and made the buzzer go off during a tournament
191. bowled the ball backward behind me into the crowd
192. got bucked off a horse when I was little and broke out in hives after landing in tumbleweeds 193. watched the 3 kings parade on Epiphany in Spain
194. took belly dancing lessons
195. chugged a beer bong on my brother’s 18th birthday
196. slept on the beach in Maui cause we didn’t have a hotel room
197. won a trophy for miss congeniality
198. sang in a talent show in 5th grade and everyone saw my underware
199. got busted by the cops for drinking beer up by the new roads and let off because he thought my dad was a local cop…
200. got drunk at the Cars concert in 1982 and puked all over the seat in front of me which was luckily empty.

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