Thursday, October 31, 2013

Witches Brew

How many of you remember this show?  I used to LOVE this show.  My little niece Angelina is into cute kid scary stuff these days.  Frankenweenie, the Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas.  I remember making Witches brew for my kids class Halloween parties when they were little.  I always think of the line he says 5 drops of essence of terror, 5 drops of sinister sauce... whenever I make it with kids.

We have a potion kit we have collected through the years.  A small train case full of all kinds of things to put in the witches brew.  I fill fancy crystal salt and pepper shakers with cookie sprinkles of all kinds and colors.  Small perfume bottles and vials full of diluted food coloring.  The kids love to help make the potion... I give everyone a bottle that they can shake into the brew.  Here is Megan and Kayleigh making the potion at a birthday party for Eric, the little boy Megan is a nanny for. 

The basic recipe for the punch is:

1 carton of pineapple juice
1 carton of orange juice
1 litre of club soda
2 cans sprite or 7-up
1/3 container of pineapple or mango sherbert or sorbet

Blue food coloring in one of the potions jars turns it a yucky green.  Add gummy worms, and other gummy candy, gummy boogers, eyeballs, bats etc.  The kids are always pleasantly surprised at how good it tastes.  Looks gross but tastes good they told me.  The final touch is a large piece of dry ice to make it fog up.  It is always a hit with every kid.  It can be a fun punch for an adult party if you add Rum or Vodka...

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