Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fleur du Lys 3 piece set

These Fleur du lys medallions are from a chain belt I bought at the Rose Bowl flea last spring.   I often use belts that I deconstruct for focals.  This set seemed to need the shades of gray and silver to go with the vintage distressed look of the medallions.  Here is how I made this set. (Sorry I don't have photos of the pieces before deconstructing them.)

1. Deconstruct the belt.
2. Deconstructed a green, black and smoky quarts necklace and rework the beads with bead caps. 
3.Dip all shiny silver components in Jax darkener to make everything look aged.
4. Create 2 matching bead strands 10 inches long (each)
5. Reserve some beads for the earrings and bracelet.
6. Attach toggle clasp to ends of 10 inch bead strands and connect to medallion to make necklace.
7. Attach extra bead strands on to second medallion to form bracelet sides as desired.  Add toggle clasp.
8. Chain 3 coordinating beads together and add a small crystal dangle, add earring wire.

Again, this is a really easy basic set to make.  You could do something similar with a brooch and earring set.  Use the brooch as the necklace focal and a smaller scale earring for the bracelet.

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