Thursday, October 17, 2013

Graduated size bead redo

We have all seen these beads.. They are from the 1950's, remind me of Lucy Ricardo, and are usually made of plastic or Lucite.  They have a lovely tigers eye glow to them, and they are really pretty when mixed with other beads and rhinestone rondelles.  When you combine them together and make dangles, they look really contemporary and chic.

Sorry for the blurry photo.  I didn't take one before I deconstructed these (I must remember to photograph everything when I bring it home) so I had to zoom in on a group shot photo from my last posting. 

1. Take a piece of chain and cut it to the desired length of the necklace.  I find choker length works best for this...
2. deconstruct the necklace.  They are usually knotted in between each bead (that's how you can tell a good quality necklace)
3. clean them with warm water and dish detergent if they have a greasy feel to them.
4. Using head or eye pins, create dangles by stacking them on a pin.  If you use eye pins, you might want to dangle a little rhinestone or teeny bead for a little extra sparkle.
5. add a toggle clasp to the chain.
6. Hang chain on mannequin or necklace easel board from Michaels, and start attaching the bead dangles.
7. I count links and put the largest bead in the bottom at the center of the chain, then I count over and  add the next size down, making a symmetrical balance between the beads. 

On the pink necklace I chained up little beads and hung strands of 3 beads in between all the other beads.  I decided not to do it on the blue one.  I could have dangled rhinestone chain in between for more sparkle, but I was out of shiny silver rhinestone chain, so I added the little Swarovski bicones at the end of all the big beads for a little sparkly shimmer.  They swing and catch the light beautifully.  

I love how they look.  On trend, and very updated compared to the plain I Love Lucy style they were before. 

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Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

what gorgeous jewels.
I love them both...the pink and the blue. Where ever did you get the beads from the fifties? Magnificent!!! I have some Mardi Gra glass beads from the fifties. They are really cool. Your work is awesome. Keep creating have the touch.
Happy Halloween XXOO,
Marie Antoinette