Thursday, November 7, 2013

Footstool Revamp

  I saw these footstools for my daughter Kayleigh's room at a garage sale when we lived in Yorba Linda.  I didn't buy them, but went back at the end of the day and the woman GAVE them to me because she just wanted them gone.  We had planned on recovering them all along.  They are plastic and the tops were flaking and peeling off.  Kayleigh is 16 now, for those friends who have not seen her in a while.  She was reluctant to paint them.  She didn't see the vision.  She watched me paint a bunch of things for my closet office and was inspired to paint them after all.   She wanted to create a little seating area in hr room for friends.  I have seen these finished with faux fur and leather at TJ Maxx and Ross for $49 each.

We bought a zebra print robe that had a silky plush feel to it at a garage sale for $2.  Kayleigh removed the tops of the stools and spray painted the bottoms turquoise.  I cut the fabric to fit the tops and she stapled it on.  She reattached the tops and viola!  2 chic little stools, when placed together make a cute little sitting area in her room.

Total cost for this makeover:  $5.89 for the can of spray paint and robe.  Next time you see a piece of furniture at a yard sale that you like, but don't like the color, get it, and whip out the spray paint.  They look so dang cute, I want some for my room now too! I am so proud of my little DIY barganista.  She did a fantastic job on her first official adult project.  She is so amazing.

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