Thursday, February 17, 2011

What would you do.....

with a plethora of frames like this...?  I love them ALL...  I can't get rid of them....  I was going to paint them all gold back in the day... that day has passed.... then I was going to paint them white...  and still might...  then I thought to paint them all black as a base coat, and then paint them with colors and sand it off so the black shows through... which I could also do with the white. 

Here is my delimma....  I have no artwork hanging in my house, no photos, nothing... I hung a couple of pictures I like, but they don't go with the house...  it is a ranch style house with a hideous wallpaper of blue and gray marble texture in the dining room and kitchen wall...  All my stuff is green, paintings with green, furniture that is shades of sage and celery green... and lots of white frames... (I had pale yellow walls at my old house and it looked GREAT!) so this blue gray thing just ain't workin' for me...  I have one large wall that I thought I could hang the frames on temporarily until I figure out what to do with them, thus killing the proverbial two birds with one stone.  Getting the frames out of storage while putting something on the walls... but I am unsure...  I would love some advice people...  I have posted a previous post on the 15th about the wine and glass cabinet I made in the dining room, and you can see the ugly wallpaper behind it...  I need serious decorating help from all you artistical and decorational types... I am good at making the stuff, and merchandising a store, but not when it comes to my home...  why is that?  Maybe because it is a rental, and I am stuck with this wallpaper as it is... and I really don't like it... maybe I am just feeling stuck in general when it comes to decorating.  I am loving the clean uncluttered feel of everything... Having not much stuff to begin with really gives you a clean slate... but it does make it hard when you try to do something with very little... Am I overthinking this? 

So far I have come up with 2 possibilities...  paint them all black and fill them with family photos in black and white and hang them in a grouping on the wall to create a gallery wall... the other is to paint them the soft aqua blue color I am in love with right now, and hang them all on the wall empty, and just appreciate all the lovely detail on them....  Anyone wanna give me an opinion?


Janine said...

These frames are all so beautiful. I love especially the one with the oval and the 50th photo of that lovely couple inside.
I wouldn´t have the heart to change them.
I guess my opinion is not helpfull for you, but I think artwork, and photos, especially whwn the< are lovely framed, fit allways, no matter what wallpaper, colours and furniture you have.
Have a great day

Anonymous said...

Oh, I feel your pain! We are in a rental too. If you ever look at my bathroom posts, we have the most horrid wallpaper ever, and it is peeling to boot. I was actually expecting something worse from your description (although, I certainly wouldn't choose it). I think I might go with white for the frames, with a little metallic burnish if it needs some contrast. (Like Rub N Buff).