Thursday, February 17, 2011

Repurposed Sideboard and shelf unit = china wine and glass cabinet

I got rid of a great china cabinet on Craigslist before I moved, and now have no space to store my china and favorite pieces.  My mom  was visiting a couple weeks ago, and was scrounging through my garage for things to help me decorate, when she saw this sideboard and shelf unit I had buried in the back of the garage.  I said, "Hey mom, what if we put that on top of the sideboard in the kitchen and use it for glasses and wine and stuff?"  She measures, and then she and my stepdad brought it in, cleaned it up and did this with it!  How great is that?  A garage sale sideboard we bought for $40 and had shoved in the garage, along with a bookshelf my neighbor gave me when he moved a couple years ago...  2 unrelated pieces, that when put together, made a very functional and cool looking piece in my dining room!  I am stoked!  Now I am on a mission to see what else I can make with what I already have lying around!  Check back soon for more thrifting and repurposing ideas.

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jackie said...

I am enjoying your repurposing posts! Some great ideas!