Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Playing Card ATC's

Artist Trading Cards (ATC's) are very popular at art retreats as trades. I know a lot of artists who trade these cards religiously. It is really cool, to have a little piece of art created by an artist you admire.

I like to use old playing cards as the base for my ATC's. Collect images from your stash that are the right proportion to use on a playing card. I use the decorated side of the card as the back, and put a sticker with my name, the date and if a series, the series number. On the face side of the card, I lightly sand the plastic coating off and gesso the card. I use white, clear or black gesso, depending on my mood that day. Then I use paint, ink, stamps etc to color the background. Sometimes I use a magazine image or patterned paper as the background. Then I collage the rest of the images on the background, finishing with some text cut from an old book.

These can be glued to the front of a handmade card and used to make a lovely greeting card. They can also be used in small frames for home decor. Try a few for yourself and discover how addicting they can be.


Shirley said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I have to confess that I don't understand ATC cards. Other than give them away what do you do with them?

My son is 6 ft 5½ so that's why I lengthened the sleeves. It was quite easy in the end. If he would be willing to wear the same shirt in a short sleeve and long sleeve and shirts weren't so expensive, then it would be easy to adapt one to a short-sleeved shirt and lengthen the other. But it is unlikely that he would.

I'm not in the inchie group. Thanks for mentioning it. I had a look and there's some great work there.

ARIC said...

Hi Karan, I´m collecting playing cards and in APC and ATC I found other passion. If you want to trade APC o ATC with playing cards theme please contact me at
Or if you know a site to can trade or people wants to.
Regards. Florencia (Argentina)