Sunday, February 27, 2011

Repurposed dresser and cup shelf

I have a lovely teacup collection that has been stored in a box in the garage for 5 years.  I have a living room with no furniture in it, and no space in the dining room for a table...  So I had an idea to somehow make a dining room out of the living room...  I could take this $5 dresser I bought at my favorite thrift store, and somehow create a space to display some of my teacups.  and then scrounge around and see what else I could come up with to make a dining room.

I puttied the holes in the dresser top and drawer fronts and had Zack sand the whole things down with a sander.  Then guess what I did?  Yep... painted it white... and spray painted the oxidixed bubbled up silver metal knobs blue...  Joke all you want family members, but it looks very cool now....

I found this oak cupshelf I have had for years in the back of the garage...  pulled it out and painted it white too...  and Ta-Da... a great teacup display and place to store all my tea party goods.  Napkins, teaspoons and strainers, tablecloths and linens, candlesticks and more are stored in the dresser drawers.  Now when I have my OC art sister friends over for art day, I have a place to store all my tea party stuff!  I LOVE the flea market style!

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jackie said...

What a lovely transformation!