Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Artfest Trades

Here is a photo of my trades in progress. I am trying to make 100 of them, I had originally thought 200, but it is a lot of work. So I am just doing 100, taking 200 Moo cards, (if they ever arrive) and that will be that. I am not packing huge amounts of stuff. I want to go and experience it all as an adventure. Just a basic tool and supply kit, and maybe a few half finished projects I might want to work on in the Art Assylum. The fever is building, the board has been very active, and there are still people selling their spots at the last minute. If you live on the west coast or have access to cheap flights to Seattle and want to go, email me or check out the Artfest Yahoo group and see who is posting spots for sale. I am so excited. For many reasons, which I will post here tomorrow. Evedry day it gets better and better.

Big hugs to all of you... you lurkers out there who I KNOW read my blog and never post to let me know you have been here... I love you all!


stephanie t. said...

No lurking here! Love your trades! You've been busy!! I'll keep my eyes open for you during trade night! Coming up to Petaluma for an overnighter with the kids (husband's office is by Grossman's)...Going to explore a bit up there...any art/scrap stores??

donnaj said...

what fun-maybe we'll meet at artfest