Friday, March 21, 2008

And the HITS and good news just keep on coming!

I told you all about the Love Launch training I went to a month ago, right? Well... all I gotta say is... AMAZING things have happened to me since. Let me just start painting you the picture. I told you about this group I am involved with. A group of visionaries. People who are creating green technology based businesses. The week following LoveLaunch, I was offered my choice of officer positions with the company! I chose COO, because my background is in management and operations. THEN... I started volunteering for the local Juvenile Hall Thrift Store the Hall Closet. It is only open 2 days a week, and is completely staffed and run by volunteers. After working there for a week, I asked the director of the program if I could start sorting things from the donations to create an art program for the kids in Juvenile Hall. She says "Sure, that would be great..." then I tell her my big Mondo Beyondo dream is to have a store carrying altered art supplies, with a large studio and gallery to house the art. From there I wanted to offer low cost materials to teachers and artists, and FREE art classes to the kids in the community. Here eyes lit up. I told her my biggest need was a free space to house it. DING, your wish is my command... she takes me around and shows me all this vacant building space on the grounds and says is this big enough? How about this? You need tables, chairs, shelving? We can get you all of that...! So my little idea of an art program has quickly blossomed into my huge mondo beyondo dream just by opening my mouth! I love how the universe supports you in the things you do. Just by stating my intention and putting it out there... I created it. It is still being created... I need approval from the county and the powers that be to use the building. I need to do a boatload of paperwork to file all the documents to get things going... I have some personal business that is pressing that needs to be wrapped ip, I have to get ready to leave for Artfest April 1st. I have my new COO duties with the Green company, I am doing some swaps at Swap-Bot and catalysts with Creative Therapy... there is not enough hours in the day and I LOVE IT!!! So... stay tuned here for updates. My goal is to have enough donations to open the art store by June 1st. Ambitious I know, so if any of you know of ANYONE, a business or person who can donate items to us for the store and program, please email me ASAP. I will DRIVE anywhere in the Bay Area to pick items up. I have a list of things we are looking for, in addition to anything you would buy at Joann's, Michaels, Richards, Aaron Brothers etc. We are also looking for volunteer artists and teachers to help us create projects, teach and decorate the building. It all goes to a great cause... so give me a shout if you are interested. Oh, and here is the BEST part... I am eligible for grant funding and help from the green biz, because my project is "Green" How cool is that? I got so many ideas floating around, I can't contain them all in my head... I gotta write it all down... get the good stuff out there... cause that is when it grows wings and flies... SO... if you have a big idea milling around in your head... get clear with yourself... do your inner work, and then start putting your idea out to the universe... It is like a magic Genie with unlimited wishes to grant you... All you gotta do is ask... and don't be afraid to receive it!


donnaj said...

how fabulous for you-and the kids you will be helping!

Leah said...

wow, that is so cool!! i love how things like that work. congratulations on seeing your dream come to life!!

(i came your way via the artfest mail list.) :-)

A Vintage Gypsy said...

WOW Karan, that is incredible! I found your blog via the Art Fest site. I am an Art Fest newbie...and traveling I have been scouring the Yahoo group trying to read about everyone so that I will know a little about them when I meet them. THAT is how I found your blog..and I am glad that I did! Your project sounds wonderful! I wish you lived near me, and I would gladly volunteer! I used to own a gallery, and we had a kids program. It was so much fun. My dream was to do the very same thing, offer free art classes to the kids that couldn't afford it. I would love to chat with you some more about it, and share with you some of the things that worked for us. Maybe we will run into each other at Art Fest. I believe we are our lives are lead by the Universe as well, and I too am an altered artist. Perhaps the Universe wants us to meet....we seem to have a lot in common.

Danita Lyn

1,000 Faces of MotherHenna said...

Hi Karan!

I'm on Vashon Island in WA, and though that's really close to Artfest site, I've yet to actually get there. Some year...

In the meantime, Leah posted the link to this awesome entry here in your blog. I don't have a lot on hand, but I'd be glad to box up a few things here and mail to you for use in the art center. Papers, ribbons, random cards, old maps, manilla tags. If any of that is on the wish list, I'd be glad to send a box of stuff!

Lots of miracles to you!!

Anonymous said...

WOWZA Karan!!! YOU GO GIRL! You are sooo amazing! What a wonderful think you're doing!

I'm sure I have lots of *stuff* I can donate to the cause. I just need to focus on going through my stuff and boxing it up for you.

This is so exciting, and if I lived closer to you, I'd love to volunteer.

Big hugs...


brenda bliss said...

This is so exciting!!! I would love to come and teach a class when I visit my Dad this summer! Your vision is incredible-please keep posting so we can follow our progress!
Bliss Happens!

Stampamelbie said...

OMG Karan, that is so amazing! I'm glad that all your dreams are coming true! I am doing a cleaning of my craftroom, so e-mail me what you need, and I'll see what I have.

I am going to be not working in a month and a half, so I'll have some time to help. If you need help. Just let me know and I can see what I can work out. :)