Thursday, November 14, 2013

Buckle Bracelet

I found this cool Marcasite buckle from the 1920's at a flea market.  This was a true find.  They are difficult and rare in a bargain box, and I swooped on it    Many times I will stack various findings on top and glue them down with E6000, then attach them to the buckle after I have made the bead chain and clasp.

First, you need some handy dandy bending pliers.  I got them from Gilding the Lily.  You squeeze the buckle in this tool a little bit at a time to create a bend the will fit naturally over the wrist.  Test it on your own wrist to make sure the curve is right.

Next, make your bead chain.  I find if I use strong steel pins, I don't need to wire wrap them.  If they are special beads, by all means, wire wrap them on to insure they will stay on.

Look at the bracelet for a good space to connect the bead chain.  If there is no space, you can make one with the riveting tool (also available at Gilding the Lily) or with a fine drill bit.  Sometimes you need to use a jump ring in the bracelet, and then attach the bead chain from there.

Create your focal assemblage with lace and broken jewelry parts.  I layered them all together into a pleasing configuration, and then glued it together.  Let it dry overnight, then glue the focal as one piece onto the buckle base in the desired position.  .

Measure your wrist, and make sure the bead chain is long enough to fit properly.  Add a clasp.  Now you have a lovely bracelet made from a buckle that is trendy and fashion forward.

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