Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An Altered Art Project

Here is a shadowbox I made of my Grandpa Simoni. I love the photo. I took an old product box and cut a window in the lid. Then I covered it with ribbon and foil trim, painted gesso over the whole thing and stained it brown to look like carved wood. I like how it turned out. I gave it to my Dad for his birthday and he loved it. It is his father, at his christening. This hat has been worn for generations at the christening of firstborn sons in the Simoni family. It was sent to California from Italy when the first grandson was born. By the time it arrived, the baby had already been baptized, so they used it for my grandpa, the second son. I love his chubby cheeks and bright eyes. I am teaching a class soon on how to make shadowboxes. It is really easy to do, and it adds so much richness and depth to your photos. My family and friends are putting in orders for Christmas, so I better get crackin'!

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