Monday, October 15, 2007

Es tu corazon una casa de puertas abiertas

I learned this in Spanish class tonight. It translates to "Your heart is a house with open doors." How beautiful is that? Spanish is such a beautiful language. Very romantic and poetic, especially when my hubby whispers something sexy in my ear. But now that I am understanding it better, he can't get away with saying food words, cause I know what they mean now... I love that I can listen to a conversation in spanish in the store and understand most of what they are saying. Although I am having trouble doing the Castillian accent with the th sound for s and z and ci.... it is tricky to lisp words on purpose, and add in the rolling r's and the hard d's and I totally screw it up... but at least I can have a basic conversation with my mother-in-law now without needing Pascual there to translate everything... and I don't sound so Tarzanish anymore when I speak. Zack is becoming quite the little spanish speaker. He is teaching me things every day when he does his homework...

I have this children's book I have been working on altering, the cover is a woman's torso, and inside are all these little pockets for mini board books. All the "Pockets in my heart" You know I love that phrase... and I found someone else who uses it too... check out her work, and her blog here: she is really amazing, and her art really touches my soul.

Back to the board book... I had this really great idea to work on it this weekend when I go to Tahoe... but I can't FIND it... it is in a box in storage, like half my life... so I will sketch it out, and hopefully still be inspired when I do find it in a few weeks... Pascual PROMISED he will help me dig out the storage next week to get ready to make a flea market run, and get my studio organized up in the garage... let's see if it actually happens...

I started off with a specific purpose, and digressed very quickly, as I am known to do... Hearts... Pockets in the heart... doors in the heart... Love the connection... I love that my little one Kayleigh's favorite shape is a heart and she always draws them for me... I gave her a chocolate covered heart cookie the other day and her face lit up like a christmas tree... Here is a photo of her kissing a piglet at Uncle Bob's house earlier this year. It is one of my favorites, and the memory is tucked in one of those pockets. I am learning to tuck little memories like these away. I am starting to look behind those doors in my heart, and let some of those beautiful things out. I think it is perfect that I heard this beautiful quote just at a time when I am really looking deep within my own heart... Best of all, I said it to Pascual when I came home tonight, and his eyes filled with tears and he hugged me tight... being able to say something beautiful and romantic to him in his own language was a really incredible feeling.

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