Sunday, May 1, 2011

Garage sale goodness

There are some days when I go garage saleing, and I can't find anything really great.  Then there are days like Saturday... that go down in history as a GREAT GS day...   Maybe it was leftover birthday Karma... maybe it was just plain good luck, but I SCORED big time.

I hit a few sales and got a couple of small things, then I arrived at an estate sale that was amazing.  I found this dresser for $5  then bought all these wooden crates for another $5 

 While looking around some more, I found  a bag of vintage laces for $3.  I spotted these crochet hangers, which I was ready to pounce on.,..  she told me 10 for a dollar, and then sold them all to me for $3...

Then as I was leaving, I asked her if she was selling the workbench and cabinets in the garage.  She told me, I could have them for free if I could get them out...  Are you kidding?  I got my hubby and the guy down the street helped him load it all up in our cars.  It took 3 trips, but I got a workbench,  2 cabinets and 3 shelves, scrap wood, a maple bed, some wooden boxes, a picture frame and a door, 4 table legs, a root planter, some driftwood for mounting orchids, and a storage bin with sliding plastic drawers.

 As I was leaving, she brought out a huge box of jewelry, and asked me if I did beading.  I said yes, I did, and made jewelry with the girls at the shelter.  She donated them to me for the art program! 

Then after leaving that sale, I went by a sale I had stopped at early in the morning.  and caught them as they were packing up everything for donation... I got these chandeliers and these two footstools for Kayleigh's room for FREE!  We're going to paint the sides of the stools with spray paint and then cover the tops with a fabric that matches her room.  She has been wanting some of these for a while now, and I am so stoked I got them for free!  So...  overall, I paid $40 and came home with 5 truckloads of stuff.  Stay tuned over the coming months as I transform these items into garden decor and the potting shed of our dreams!

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