Monday, May 2, 2011

Altered kids clothes

I love finding things at garage sales I can redo for my nieces. I look for clothes with personality and character. I don't care what size they are...  I convert them into what I need them to be.  I spent $5 at a thrift store bag sale recently and bought all pink and white clothes to redo for Miss Breezie.  Now I am on a mission to see how many outfits I can remake from these two bags of clothes.  Here is a photo of the purchase.
The first makeovers are two tulle skirted dresses that were stained and shredded.  I cut away the skirt from the bodice, removed the stained underskirt and ripped tulle, replaced the tulle with some sparkly christmas fabric I had left over from my wedding, and they are good as new.

Next I will be dying things purple, for the purple princess...  stay tuned as I share the good, bad and ugly of dying fabrics and creating a princess wardrobe.


Joanne Huffman said...

Great transformation!

bekaboo said...

Dang, you're good!