Thursday, April 24, 2008

Youth Art Program Mondo Beyondo

OK... many of you know about my big Mondo Beyondo idea. Some of you have heard pieces... It is starting to happen!!! The more I put the word and intention out there, the more I get back from the artist community, and the community in general.

There is such a need to reach kids at risk. Art can be that vehicle. Using recycled art parts to create green, recycled, repurposed art is a start. Teaching kids self esteem, while encouraging their creative self expression promotes a foundation for entreuprenurial thinking. Creating a cooperative program with the community insures that everyone benefits...

I am currently looking for art ideas and compiling data for my grant funding proposal.

Please email me if:
You know of a link to any kind of art program using recycled materials, or programs involving youth, kids or at risk youth and art
If you are currently involved in a similar project, and would like to share ideas
If you are interested in participating in these pilot programs in California, Florida and Michigan
If you are interested in starting one of our programs for kids in your community
If you have an interest in teaching a medium or providing class samples and instructions
If you would like to be a board member
If you have any information about juvenile probation, social services, or mentoring at risk youth
If you are a teacher or artist looking for low cost art materials
if you have a computer graphic arts background and like teaching kids

I have been overwhelmed with the generosity of people out there. Donations and links and information has been pouring in. I know if I just keep putting it out there, it will all come together at rapid speed. This is a program near and dear to all our hearts. Our kids need this, and it is being taken out of the classrooms at alarming speed. It serves an important purpose. Lets all stand up for the kids and show that together, we can make a difference... by recycling, repurposing and coming together to create beauty from garbage.

With lots of love and hope

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Joanne Huffman said...

Good luck with this great project.