Friday, April 25, 2008

For my Mama

I made this book for my mom on Mother's day 2002. I remember I had seen a book someone made for a friend, and really loved it, so I totally copied the idea. Mine was much simpler, but it was so nice to make. It is always nice to get a gift book from someone who loves you, telling you how much you are loved. My best birthday present ever was a scrapbook made by my friend Karen, that all my friends created pages for. Each one of them contributed words and layouts that told me what they loved and admired about me. So much love went into that book. So much time from everyone, especially Karen, organizing it and putting it all together. I think... there is no greater gift that to get something made from the hands of those who love you.... I was reading the book I gave my mom the other day, and I started to cry... I forget about how creative I can be. I forget that I can be very profound and touching with my words... I take a lot of my talents for granted. It is getting tattered from so many people reading it. It has a place of honor up on a shelf above her fireplace... and she shows it to everyone who comes over... When I made it, I just wanted to give her something to remind her of what a great mom she has been to me. As I sat there reading it, I realized she has been more than a mom to me. She has been my best friend, my confidante, my spiritual counselor and healer, my spa and manicure buddy, my shopping pal, my wine tasting partner... Every significant thing I have ever done in my life, she has been there, cheering me on... sometimes ill, sometimes with tears of joy in her eyes as she cheered from the sidelines... I am so blessed that she is my mother. I am lucky beyond belief... I won the parent lotto with her. How did she learn to be such a great mom? She was only 17 when I was born... still a kid herself. She may not have had a high school diploma, but she has a masters degree in love. No one loves like my mom does. No one I know has her huge capacity to invoke change and create beauty just by being in the room. She has her struggles, she is not perfect... but she is there, 100%... all the way every time... Loving me, and showing me by example how truly loving I can be... just by watching her.

So I wanted to share this book with you all. We have been talking about motherhood and moms on the altered divas group on Yahoo... I had to take a few minutes, and show the world how truly great my mom is!!!


Joanne Huffman said...

The book and the post are lovely gifts to your mother. It looks like each of you is very lucky to have the other.


Kris Henderson said...

Great book and truly lovely memories you have shared here. Your blog is really great too!

Stampamelbie said...

I love that book, Karan! You did a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing, and yes, you do have a great mom!!